Aug. 20, 2007

Free brochure discusses casing/liner shoe

A new brochure, yours free for the request, discusses EZReam technology, which is a casing/liner shoe.

The steel reaming shoe is PDC drillable. A tungsten carbide and PDC cutting surface help enhance durability, enabling the shoe to ream longer intervals through challenging hole sections, the brochure notes.

Source: Baker Hughes, Hughes Christensen, Box 2539, Houston, TX 77252-2539.

Enhanced automatic hydrocarbon dewpoint analyzer

Condumax II, an automatic hydrocarbon dewpoint analyzer, includes enhanced features such as electronic sensor cooling-heating that provides readings more frequently and eliminates gas coolant utilities.

It is CSA C/US approved for Cl. 1, Div. 1, Gp. B, C, and D and can be supplied with an integral sample system for installation outdoors next to the sample tap. It also has an option of measuring hydrocarbon and water dewpoint for added functionality.

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The company says the Condumax/Condumax II has been successfully applied in onshore and offshore dehydration and hydrocarbon reduction plants to monitor the prevention of hydrate formation. It has also been used for superheat control in gas turbines to prevent flashbacks and for fiscal metering at transfer points for verification of tariff compliance.

Source: Michell Instruments, 11 Old Sugar Hollow Rd., Danbury, CT 06810.

Production allocation, reporting system updated

New Version 5 of the production allocation and reporting information system (PARIS) is an SQL server based application that the maker says redefines the traditional approach to production reporting and allocation.

The updated system can be used to build from scratch any combination of platforms, fields, and wells via user selectable drop down and dialog boxes. It also reads data from offshore metering, and supervisory, control, and data acquisition systems, and performs calculations using the results of well tests to determine the precise production from each well.

Source: Petrofrac Ltd., 4th Floor, 117 Jermyn St., London, SW1Y 6HH, UK.