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International Survey of Ethylene from steam crackers

The Oil & Gas Journal biennial worldwide enhanced oil recovery survey lists projects that include various injection technologies used in primary, secondary, and tertiary oil recovery. But the survey does not cover projects that involve waterflooding or pressure maintenance with natural gas.

This twice a year, exclusive report shows activity on oil and gas processing facilities and pipelines under construction. The report provides project details and signals broad trends. Major refining, petrochemical, gas processing, sulfur recovery, and pipeline projects are listed.

The Gas Processing report shows plant-by-plant details combined with an analysis of global gas processing trends. Capacity, throughput, and production details for more than 1,500 individual plants around the world are included. This report is a must-read for gas processors, natural gas producers and gas pipeline operators.

This long-time OGJ special report has plant-by-plant operating data and expert analysis of refining trends. The Refining report is a great reference for technical staff, operating managers and executives.

The Production report is a compilation of field-by-field oil production and country-by-country oil and gas reserves.