Sept. 2, 2013

Shell and Interpipe

In 2012 Shell and Interpipe signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that outlined the steps required to bring Interpipe's pipe products in line with Shell's global standards. Since then the companies have successfully come through the crucial steps of the Memorandum. As a result Shell has approved Interpipe mills and certain product lines.

Robin Naughton, Well Engineering Team Lead, Shell, "Shell has approved and is satisfied with certain Interpipe products and continues to work with Interpipe on other aspects so that a significant and relevant product range is approved for Shell both in Ukraine and Internationally. Once relevant product lines are approved Interpipe will be able to bid for supply tenders for Shell."

Denis Morozov, director on Products and Resources, Interpipe, "The cooperation with Shell gives us a challenge to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. And I'm delighted that Interpipe has successfully passed Shell qualification audit. At the moment we have approved certain product lines with Shell and working on development of new pipe products with premium connections to meet company's requirements to operate in tough geological conditions".

As of today the companies announce the progress status on the crucial steps of memorandum, including Shell's approval of the steel manufacturing plant of Interpipe Steel for production of steel billets for use in rolling of casing and tubing. As part of the memorandum, Shell has audited Interpipe NTRP and Interpipe Nikotube pipe rolling mills and confirmed that plants' technological processes and quality management system comply with international standards. Qualification orders of casing and tubing have been transported to the US for inspection and verification of meeting Shell standards.



Produced Water Absorbents, Inc., (PWA) of Ohio, USA, has expanded its European operations with the appointment of Ian Robertson as Engineering Manager.

Robertson will be based in Aberdeen and will direct and coordinate the activities of the engineering function, including developing engineering solutions utilizing company technology by designing components and systems. PWA provides revolutionary produced water treatment solutions to the oil and gas industry.


Schlumberger announced the introduction of a new moment tensor inversion service that provides enhanced analysis of the dynamics of hydraulic fracture propagation. This service will help customers improve their well completion designs through an increased understanding of natural- and induced-fracture characterization in oil and gas reservoirs.

"When applied in unconventional reservoirs, the moment tensor inversion service provides information about the orientation, volume and proppant placement associated with the hydraulic fracture," said Joseph Elkhoury, vice president and general manager, Schlumberger Microseismic Services. "This provides a framework for building and interpreting geomechanical models, and enables our customers to improve well completion design for improved production."

The proprietary processing used in the moment tensor inversion service accounts for anisotropy. As the microseismic monitoring industry moves toward quantitative source inversion, the rigorous incorporation of anisotropy in unconventional reservoir models becomes more important to accurately process and interpret the valuable information contained in the microseismic signals.

The moment tensor inversion service has been field tested on microseismic projects in North America. Analyses of moment tensor inversion processing during field trials in the Permian Basin confirm that the incorporation of anisotropy leads to improved interpretation of microseismic data and more robust geomechanical models.

ORS International Ltd

ORS International Ltd (ORS) announced that it's wholly owned US Subsidiary ORS Holdings (US) Inc. has acquired the drilling fluids business assets of Mega Fluids LLC and Mega Gulf Coast LLC. The new company will operate under the name of ORS Fluids LLC.

This acquisition marks ORS's entry into the US market and gives ORS an important new platform for the continued global expansion of its drilling fluids and waste management operations.

Duma Energy

Duma Energy Corp. announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of the outstanding stock of Houston-based Hydrocarb Corporation.

In August 2012, Duma purchased a 39% working interest in Hydrocarb's highly prospective 5.3 million-acre Owambo Basin concession in northern Namibia. After merger the combined company will control 100% of the working interest thru discovery. As part of its work program, Hydrocarb is currently acquiring a high-resolution aerial gravity magnetics survey over the entire concession.

In addition to its large Namibia concession, Hydrocarb is currently in final negotiations for lucrative production-sharing contracts with several African nations in the prolific East African Rift play, which has seen multi-billion barrel discoveries in recent years.

Otaiba-Hydrocarb, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hydrocarb Energy with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., holds a comprehensive oil and gas field services license issued by the Supreme Petroleum Council of U.A.E. and offers a full range of oil industry services to the lucrative Middle East sector. With over $100 billion annually in revenues from oil production, Abu Dhabi is in the midst of a five-year,

$40 billion effort to maintain and increase its reserve base.


SAIC has purchased two MakaiLay Seismic licenses and one MakaiPlan Pro Seismic license for use in their seismic oil and gas exploration projects. SAIC owns and operates modularized cable engines and cable installation equipment together with well trained and certified MakaiLay operators to install submarine cables worldwide. SAIC often leases vessels of opportunity in the project region with which they deploy the Ocean Bottom Cables (OBCs) or node arrays.

The growing interest in Makai's cable installation tools by the seismic exploration community has begun to translate into software sales. SAIC's purchase marks the third recent MakaiLay seismic customer. Makai has seen an increasing number of telecom cable installers "hopping the fence" to do seismic and power cable jobs, blurring the lines between the telecom, seismic, and submarine power cable installers. Since more than 75% of the world's telecom cable installation fleet already uses Makai software products, some of these companies are upgrading to the seismic-specific cable installation and planning modules in order to increase their competitiveness in this growing field.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes Incorporated announced the introduction of the Baker Hughes Well Count, a new index that provides key U.S. onshore well count data to the oil and gas industry. The proprietary count will be available on a quarterly basis. The Baker Hughes Well Count is a natural extension of the Baker Hughes Rig Count, which has provided key activity data for more than 70 years.

"We've been collecting and analyzing oilfield market data for decades," commented Martin Craighead, Chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes. "In the past couple of years, a number of new technologies have been introduced that are purpose-built for drilling and producing from shale. When we compare well count and rig count data side-by-side, we can see that efficiencies in the U.S. are improving and that drilling rigs in some basins are drilling wells faster."

The Baker Hughes Well Count will be published quarterly on the second Friday of January, April, July and October. Users can access the current Baker Hughes Well Count information as well as historical data that dates back to the first quarter of 2012 on the Baker Hughes website at The index will be presented both by wells spud for U.S. onshore as well as by major basin.

Wood Group Mustang


Wood Group Mustang names Bob Lindsay CEng MIMechE president of the Offshore Business Unit, leading its global strategic direction and development.

A native of Australia, Lindsay brings to the table 35 years of management experience in international offshore business operations, having held various senior and executive management roles. His expertise includes design, construction, project management and business development of oil and gas production facilities that have included assignments in the U.K., Brazil, Korea, South Africa, U.S. and Australia.

Wood Group Executive Vice President Michele McNichol shared, "Bob's personable and team-focused style, combined with his depth of offshore business operations, makes him a natural fit at Wood Group Mustang. It was of paramount importance to find a leader who not only has the technical and international business talent required for the job, but who also embodies our people-oriented culture."

For more than 25 years, Wood Group Mustang has delivered technical excellence in engineering, design and support services to the offshore industry. The unit provides complete and independent project solutions, from pre-concept studies through startup, with continuing support throughout the life of the field in water depths from 10 ft to more than 7,000 ft globally.


Responding to the need for high-pressure products, Crystal Engineering, a leader in high-end portable pressure calibrators and digital test gauges, has introduced the new GaugeCalHP pressure comparator for test and calibration applications up to 15,000 psi. The highly versatile device is suitable for use with water or oil, either in the field or the laboratory, and is compatible with most-large size pressure gauges.

The GaugeCalHP is designed with Crystal pressure fittings (CPF), a reservoir relief valve, and other safety features that make it the safest comparator available. The patent-pending CPF system adds a unique O-ring sealing system that permits leak-free connections without tools and a self-venting weep hole that alerts users before they disconnect from a pressurized system. CPF fittings and hoses come with an industry first 4:1 safety factor.

Key features of the GaugeCalHP include a fine adjust that is easy to use at 15,000 psi, a connection fitting with quick alignment swivel capability, and a pivoting manifold that rotates to fit large-size gauges. To increase stability, the device's reservoir can be used to quickly add a small amount of pressure to bleed air out of the CPF weep hole. A no mess, drip tray captures excess fluid.

Based in San Luis Obispo, CA, Crystal Engineering produces highly accurate, field-grade testing and calibration equipment for measurement applications in oil and natural gas, offshore drilling, oil refineries, gas distribution, power generation, nuclear power, waste water, water supply, manufacturing, aerospace, and aircraft maintenance.

Crystal Engineering is a unit of AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments, a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than $3.3