Dec. 27, 2010

Software addition expands oil field management suite

Now available is this firm's full operations management suite (OMS)-in conjunction with the launch of the production manager product-which provides a comprehensive, integrated data management platform to manage and optimize the life cycle of oil and gas assets from acquisition to drilling to production to divestiture.

With the introduction of production manager, OMS offers a common environment for master well data management through an integrated set of five software products:

Property master-serves as the central OMS solutions to define and manage all field assets, including wells, facilities, subfacilities, and equipment.

AFE manager-enables work flows to handle creation, management, and tracking of approvals for authorization for expenditures (AFE).

Well life cycle manager-focuses on the life cycle of the well for drilling and completion operations, tracking of well services, and summarization of field data for daily reporting.

Production manager-captures field data, supports construction of graphical delivery networks, prepares daily-monthly allocations, and generates production and regulatory reports.

Material transfer manager-implements work flows to track approval and movement of operational assets and equipment.

At the core of OMS is a centralized, relational database known as PetrisWINDS operations data model.

OMS has support for multiple languages, different currencies, and units of measurements. The full suite is based on Microsoft SQL-Server and is written in .NET. The overall architecture of OMS makes it highly scalable, the firm says.

Source: Petris Technology Inc., 1900 St. James Pl., Suite 700, Houston, TX 77056.

New porous plastic powder

Newly developed GUR X 192 macropowder is a porous plastic powder suited for production operations.

The firm says that sintered products produced with this new material have excellent porosity and good strength for use in a variety of filtration applications for liquids and gases that require higher flow rates, lower pressure drops, and increased part strength.

At the heart of this new polyethylene resin is a patent pending technology. It enables the material to be shaped and sintered-180-220o C. (356-428o F.)-into porous objects with improved strength and porosity.

Its molecular weight is 600,000 g/mol as determined by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) 1628/Margolies.

Source: Ticona Engineering Polymers, 8040 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41042.

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