Strike: West Erregulla-4 derisks Phase 1 development

April 26, 2021

Strike Energy Ltd.’s West Erregulla-4 appraisal well in permit EP469 in the North Perth basin of Western Australia reached a final depth of 5,069 m after drilling through a materially thickened KIngia sandstone, increasing the areal extent of the gas field, the company said Apr. 8.

Kingia is made up of several large units of clean sand with thick, blocky porosity development and bands of high-quality reservoir.

The well encountered high gas saturation throughout the Kingia section and has been interpreted as having a net pay of 28 m with an average porosity of 11% with a high of 19%. No gas-water contact was seen.

Reservoir pressure, recorded at 6,821 psia at a depth of 4,898 m, lies on the same gas gradient as results from West Erregulla-2 indicating connectivity within the field. The gas ‘down to’ has been deepened by 61 m which has led Strike to proclaim the field extension.

The underlying High Cliff sandstone reservoir was found to be thinner than seen in West Erregulla-2 but is more than offset by the thickening and improved quality of the Kingia sands, the company said.

Strike is completing wireline logs to obtain fluid samples and additional pressure measurements across other formations. Production casing will be run and completed for a flow test of the Kingia reservoir.

West Erregulla-4 will then be kept for the Phase 1 development as a future producer.

Strike is operator of the field with 50% interest. Warrego Energy Ltd. holds the other 50%.