June 18, 2012

New reservoir modeling software

The new JewelSuite 2012 reservoir modeling software is available to the industry. It offers improved performance and usability and a new work flow for unconventional plays.

Highlights include:

• Reservoir sweet spot and scenario analysis. Analyze data at scales from regional models to detailed reservoir or well models and select sweet spots. Study a smaller subsection at higher resolution without recreating the model. Analyze sector models and run different production scenarios.

• Gardiner, Me.-based Blue Marble Geographics's technology. Helping ensure correct well placement and accurate coordinate transforms.

• Improved performance and usability. More efficient handling of large data sets, viewing and analyzing thousands of wells at once.

• Enhanced connectivity to Calgarybased Computer Modelling Group Ltd.'s IMEX and GEM reservoir simulators. Also using Tartan and LGR gridding, allowing for the analysis and optimization of detailed flow behavior around the wellbore and its fracture stages.

• Visualization of fracture simulation designs. Connectivity to MFrac hydraulic fracture simulation software enables visualization of fracture simulation design in our 3D-modeling environment.

• Enhanced multipoint statistics. Through a more intuitive interface with faster run times. Better facies modeling results with our Impala module.

• Improved property modeling. New property modeling interface and work flows, with a set of petrophysical and facies modeling methods including trend modeling, run instantly or as batch process.

Source: Baker Hughes Inc., 2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 2100, Houston, TX 77019.

New blind shear ram

A new blind shear ram is designed for use in this firm's 183⁄4 in. ram BOPs. The new patent-pending ram is designed to shear and seal after cutting 65⁄8 in. tool joints.

It allows customers to use current BOP stack arrangements without having to manage the spacing between rams or create operational methods to avoid 65⁄8 in. tool joints. This technology solution also is designed to eliminate non-shearable sections.

Rams are designed to centralize, shear, and seal after cutting tubulars up to and including 65⁄8 in. drill pipe tool joints in the BOP. Previous offerings included a new casing shear ram that could cut but not seal 65⁄8 in. drill pipe tool joints.

Source: GE Oil & Gas Inc., 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825.

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