Unocal makes two gas discoveries off Indonesia

Unocal says two deepwater discoveries off East Kalimantan confirm that the Central Delta play 'contains world-class gas resources.'

Unocal Corp. has made two deepwater gas discoveries in its Ganal production-sharing contract (PSC) area off East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The company said its Gula and Gada discoveries could hold as much as 2-3 tcf of gas in their structures, but more drilling is needed to determine their full potential.

Drilled 35 miles north of the Gendalo discovery, Gula No. 1 was drilled to 16,182 ft in 6,051 ft of water. The well is 8 miles north of the Gada discovery, where Gada No. 2 was drilled to a depth of 15,223 ft in 6,224 ft of water. This well encountered 70 ft of net gas pay.

Unocal said the discoveries confirm that the Central Delta play "contains world-class gas resources." The company has now drilled four straight discoveries in the Central Delta play fairway, with several large prospects remaining undrilled in the play trend. It also has drilled a successful appraisal well on the Gendalo prospect.

Unocal holds 100% working interests in East Kalimantan PSC; 80% in the Ganal and Sesulu PSCs, where Lasmo PLC holds 20%; 60% in the Rapak PSC, where ExxonMobil Corp. holds 30% and Lasmo 10%; and 50% in the Makassar Strait PSC, where ExxonMobil holds 50%. Through various subsidiaries, Unocal is operator of all of these PSCs.

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