Exploration/Development news briefs, Dec. 4

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The Canadian Oil and Gas Directorate has launched a Call for Nominations for industry to select exploration acreage over 100 million hectares in the Mackenzie Delta, Beaufort Sea, and western Arctic Islands. The directorate will take nominations until 4 p.m. Jan. 12. The directorate expects to launch a call for bids in February 2001.

Common Data Access Ltd., a non-profit information company owned by a consortium of UK-based exploration and production companies, has selected Petroleum Geo-Services ASA to provide data repository services. The tender is subject to contract negotiation and board approval, which are expected to close this month.

Central African Republic awarded RSM Production Corp. the right to explore and develop a 55,504 sq km license area covering the Doba Doseo-Salamat basins in northern CAR. RSM is an affiliate of Grynberg Petroleum Co., Denver, Colo. Although CAR has no oil production, the part of the basin in Chad contains five oil fields with proven reserves of more than 1 billion bbl, said Grynberg. If RSM's license contains oil, it will be exported via the Chad-Cameroon pipeline.

Samedan Oil Corp., a subsidiary of Houston-based Noble Affiliates Inc., said last week that production has begun from its 12 Block Viosca Knoll 252 Unit. The project consisted of four wells, producing 106 MMcfd of gas, 42 MMcfd of which was net to Noble's interest. The wells are located in 100 ft of water. Noble owns a 40% working interest in the 12 Block unit production. The operator is Chevron USA Production Co. with 60%. They plan to drill at least one additional delineation well during 2001.

Pogo Producing Co., Houston, has found hydrocarbon pay at two exploratory wells about 75 miles northwest of Calgary, Alta. The Pogo Garrington No. 15 -21-37-5-W5 found gas in the Mississippian Elkton and the Cretaceous Glauconitic formations. The Elkton at 8,619-8,633 ft flowed 1 MMcfd of gas and 250 b/d of condensate on a 34/64-in. choke at 1,695 psi. Pogo Canada Ltd. holds 100%. The Garrington No. 5-33-37-W5 found gas in the Devonian Duvernay and Nisku formations. The Duvernay formation was tested at 11,125-11,181 ft at 4.2 MMcfd of gas and 1,150 b/d of condensate on a 23/64-in. choke with flowing pressure of 1,475 psi. Pogo Canada operates the well with 25%; PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. holds 50%; and Compton Petroleum Corp., 25%.

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