Controller collaboration

Feb. 5, 2007

In the article published in the Aug. 21, 2006, issue of Oil & Gas Journal, p. 38, entitled “Smarter clocks automate multiple well plunger lift,” the author wishes to clarify that Kerr-McGee (now Anadarko) collaborated with several strategic hardware/service providers, including Production Control Services Inc., Applied Control Equipment, Ferguson Beauregard, and ABB Totalflow, in the Wattenberg field to test prototype multiwell flow controllers. The author did not intend to attribute credit to Ferguson Beauregard or any other vendor with developing the world’s first multiwell plunger lift controller, and Kerr-McGee would like to thank all of its hardware/service providers for their service and efforts for Kerr-McGee and Anadarko.

Ted Pagano
Anadarko Petroleum
Evans, Colo.