Nov. 27, 2006

New system acquires critical data downhole

This new Smart Intervention service system acquires critical data downhole and transmits that data to the surface to provide information on intervention parameters.

The company says the information gives well teams a better understanding of what is happening at the business end of the intervention bottomhole assembly. Armed with this knowledge, well teams can make informed, just-in-time decisions that can optimize well intervention operations and significantly reduce nonproductive time and risk exposure, the firm notes.

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The enabling technology for the service is the Sentio tool, a downhole acquisition tool. The tool contains an array of sensors that measures weight or pull on tool, torque, rpm, bending stress, vibration, and pressure simultaneously at a high data rate. A digital signal processor analyzes the data stream and provides static parameters and diagnostics that are transmitted to a rig-floor monitor and can also be sent to a remote real-time operating center. Portions of the information can also be recorded in the on-board memory and stored, then retrieved later at the surface for detailed evaluation.

At the surface, data are presented to the intervention operator, and based on the feedback, the team and the operator determine how to advance the intervention operation. Choices may include parameter changes in a milling operation, pulling out of hole after confirming successful connection to a fish, or working the pipe to overcome a weight transfer problem.

Depending on the type of intervention operation, the engineer may require different types of downhole information. For efficiency, customized transmission formats are being developed. In addition to the up-hole data transmission, the bottomhole assembly is capable of receiving downlink signals and provides a link for remote control of future intervention tools. A rig-floor display screen presents the downhole parameters in the clearest and most meaningful manner and can be linked to a remote real-time operations center.

Source: Baker Oil Tools, 9100 Emmott Rd., Houston, TX 77040.