Feb. 8, 2010

New compact gauge valve

This new compact gauge valve is designed with a smaller footprint, promising quick, convenient access for the isolation and venting of pressure gauges.

The valve can be used with the firm's pressure gauges. The pressure gauges are positionable with tube adapter ends, eliminating threaded connections and leak points.

The design incorporates a purge valve for easy bleeding of trapped fluid pressure between the valve seat and gauge upon shutoff. The purge valve is machined directly onto the body, eliminating potential leak points while allowing the user to safely release the fluid before removing the gauge. A permanently assembled purge cap is crimped to the valve body for operator safety and to prevent accidental disassembly.

Available with either ½ in. or 12 mm tube fitting end connections, the compact gauge valve is constructed from 316 stainless steel. The valve is rated for temperatures as much as 450° F. depending on stem and packing. A soft-seat stem with PCTFE stem tip is available, and users can choose from UHMWPE, PFA, or PEEK packing. The valve is rated for pressures as high as 4,000 psig.

Source: Swagelok Co., 31400 Aurora Rd., Solon, OH 44139.

New web-based asset management, tracking software

Geoforce is a new web-based asset management and tracking software platform.

It automates the process of tracking equipment in the oil field. Delivered over the internet as software-as-a-service, the platform leverages a blend of GPS, RFID, and other wireless technologies to connect organizations to their assets wherever they are in the world. Users can monitor inventory across multiple locations in real time, eliminating the need for manual inventories and cycle counts.

Users access a secure web site to view the location of their assets on a map (including offshore lease block) and gain visibility into their inventory within a facility or a remote location. To track each piece of equipment, a small, intrinsically safe battery powered GPS tracking device is attached to the equipment.

Source: Geoforce Inc., 222 Las Colinas Blvd. W, Suite 1650, Irving, TX 75039.

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