What if there were no problems for politicians to solve by spending other people?s money?

With no break, this weekly feature returns to the subject of U.S. Vice-President Al Gore and his presidential campaign. The author hereby acknowledges that someone might come to believe he counts Gore among politicians most likely, if elected President of the United States, to impede human progress. Some burdens simply must be borne.

And some tidbits are too delicious not to share upon discovery. This one-the top of a list of press release headlines from the Vice-President's section of the White House web site-shows how a liberal politician uses incumbency and taxpayer money to win favor with various classes of voters. It follows verbatim, no entries deleted, with no further comment.

July 2-Vice President Announces $20.1 Million to Help Laid Off California Workers Find New Jobs

July 2-Vice President Announces $20.9 Million for Texas Workers Hurt by Layoffs to Help Them Find New Jobs

July 2-Vice President Announces $1.78 Million Grant to Help Laid Off Workers in Maine Get New Jobs

July 2-Vice President Announces $3.3 Million Grant to Help Fishing Industry Workers in Maine and New Hampshire Get New Jobs

June 30-Vice President and Treasury Secretary Rubin Announce Low-Cost Electronic Account

June 30-Vice President to Unveil Comprehensive Plan to Restore Florida Everglades

June 29-Vice President Announces $9.5 Million to Help Ten States Train Workers in High Tech Skills

June 21-Vice President Reveals New Study Showing Wide-Spread Effect of Information Technology on Today's Economy, Society

June 17-Vice President Announces $12 Million for Community Policing Program

June 15-Vice President and Barry McCaffrey Announce Five New High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas

June 14-Vice President Releases Study Showing High Rate of Teen Gun Violence

May 26-Vice President Assures Families of Access to Health Care

May 17-Vice President Lauds Progress of On-Line Tools for Parents

May 17-Vice President Announces Strategy to Restore Everglades

May 16-Vice President Outlines Vision of 21st Century Education

May 13-Vice President Announces 13 Partnerships to Improve the Well Being of Children

May 13-Vice President Announces Over [$]71 Million for Welfare-to-Work

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