Processing news briefs, Aug. 10

Tidelands Oil & Gas � National Oil Recovery Corp. ... BP � Aspen Technologies � Rohm & Haas

Tidelands Oil & Gas Corp., Corpus Christi, Tex., said it has entered into formal negotiations with National Oil Recovery Corp. of New York to develop a 250 MMcfd gas-to-liquids project in Papua New Guinea. The project will concentrate on areas that have little to no market outlet for natural gas, said Tidelands.

BP signed a multimillion-dollar agreement to use an integrated set of software solutions provided by Aspen Technology Inc. to optimize its chemical operations worldwide. AspenTech said the agreement will involve using its extended supply chain and manufacturing enterprise optimization software. "By fully integrating our manufacturing plants with our global supply chain, we will be able to better serve our customers and also streamline our operations and cost structure," said Mike Buzzacott, BP Chemicals group vice-president. In a separate deal, Rohm & Haas signed a contract to use AspenTech's Plantelligence system in elements of its acrylic value chain, from monomer to polymer production. AspenTech says use of the suite of products is expected to improve the efficiency of Rohm and Haas's production facilities by coordinating manufacturing operations with the company's enterprise resource planning system.

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