Area Drilling

June 25, 2007


The Ministry of State granted Vangold Resources Ltd., Vancouver, BC, the nonexclusive right to undertake an 18-month technical review of oil and gas potential on 7,208 sq km in northwestern Rwanda.

The company’s interest what it calls the White Elephant concession covering 11% of the country stems from the possibility that the geology that supports major oil discoveries near Lake Albert 230 miles to the north in Uganda might extend into Rwanda.


Enhanced Oil Resources Inc., Houston, formerly Ridgeway Petroleum Corp., said its 11-06-31 well in Apache County flow tested a fractured basement zone for nearly 60 days at 245 Mcfd of carbon dioxide, 1% helium, without water or decline in flowing pressure or production rate.

The company said its 12-well drilling program has protected all 11 of the high-priority leases in Arizona that had been due to expire in February and April 2007 (OGJ, May 28, 2007, p. 41).