88 Energy flow tests Hickory-1 in Project Phoenix

April 2, 2024
88 Energy Ltd. flow tested the Upper SFS reservoir in the Hickory-1 well on Alaska's North Slope to a peak flow rate of over 70 bo/d.

88 Energy Ltd. flow tested the Upper SFS reservoir (USFS) in the Hickory-1 well to a peak flow rate of over 70 bo/d in Project Phoenix on the North Slope of Alaska.

The Hickory-1 exploration well spud in March 2023 to TD of 10,650 ft, validating the presence of multiple hydrocarbon-bearing zones across all six predrill targets (OGJ Online, Feb. 19, 2024). A 20-ft perforated interval in the Upper SFS reservoir was stimulated via a single fracture stage of 241,611 lbs proppant volume. The well was cleaned-up and flowed for 111 hr in total, of which 88 hr was under natural flow back and 23.5 hr using nitrogen lift.

Oil cuts increased throughout the flow back period as the well cleaned up, reaching a maximum of 15% oil cut at the end of the flow test program. The well produced at an average oil flow rate of about 42 bo/d during the natural flow back period, with instantaneous rates ranging 10–77 bo/d with average rates increasing through the test period, the company said.

The USFS zone flowed oil to surface under natural flow, with flow back from other reservoirs in adjacent offset wells only producing under nitrogen lift. A total of 3,960 bbl of fluid was injected into the reservoir, and 2,882 bbl of water was recovered during the flow back period, most of which being injection fluid. Total flow rates (inclusive of recovery of frac fluid) averaged about 600 b/d over the duration of the flow back. Multiple oil samples were recovered with measured oil gravities of 39.9-41.4° API (representing a light crude oil).

Additionally, some NGLs were produced but not measured, as was anticipated in the planning phase. The presence of NGLs was demonstrated by samples from the flare line and by visible black smoke in the flare. Further work is required to quantify the exact volume of NGLs, which 88 Energy intends to include as part of an initial certified contingent resource assessment at Project Phoenix for SFS reservoirs.

Preparation for the next state of the Hickory-1 flow testing schedule is under way and will focus on the proven SMD-B reservoir. As with the USFS test, this zone will be independently isolated, stimulated and flowed to surface. Testing operations are scheduled to complete in April 2024 and the next phase to follow as soon as possible, weather permitting.