Jan. 8, 2007

New resin family for drilling uses

Xponent, a new resin family, helps enable downhole instrument manufacturers to design and fabricate a variety of measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling (MWD-LWD) instrument housings, packers, and diverters.

The company optimizes component manufacturing efficiency by offering Xponent bismaleimide in various composite forms such as prepreg, towpreg, and custom compression molded components and molding compound.

Xponent resins provide an alternative to machined and cast metals for MWD-LWD applications. Sacrificial downhole instrumentation in composite housings also enables rapid drill-through compared with metals. The Xponent family supports a range of performance. Depending on structure and design, downhole pressures ranging to as high as 20,000 psi and temperatures to as much as 260° C. may be tolerated. For offshore operations, Xponent resins are resistant to corrosive effects of saline at high pressure and temperature, the firm points out.

Source: YLA Inc. Div., Perstorp Engineering Materials Group, 2970 Bay Vista Court, Benicia, CA 94510.

New vortex flowmeter

The new Rosemount MultiVariable 8800 vortex flowmeter promises to lower total installed cost of temperature compensated measurement points by 25% and reduce process variability in saturated steam uses.

By incorporating multivariable technology, this firm can deliver the benefits of its vortex technology and a temperature compensated mass flow output directly from the meter, reducing process variability.

This flowmeter has isolated, independent vortex and temperature sensors, allowing both sensors to be verified or replaced independently without breaking the process seals. This eliminates process shutdown for verification of the temperature sensor.

Cost is reduced by eliminating the need for an external thermowell, temperature sensor and transmitter, and a flow computer or control system compensation program. In addition to temperature compensated saturated steam uses, the device can also be used to output the variables independently, allowing users to obtain additional temperature monitoring points.

Source: Emerson Process Management, 12301 Research Blvd., Bldg. 3, Austin, TX 78759.

Corrosion resistant tubulars

DUOLINE 20 corrosion resistant oil field tubulars for seawater injection and disposal of salt water or other environmentally degrading corrosive fluids are discussed in new, free literature.

The filament-wound glass-reinforced epoxy liner is an alternative to internal plastic coating.

Source: Duoline Technologies LP, 9019 N. County Rd. West, Odessa, TX 79764.