Aug. 8, 2011

Coiled tubing service expands

The ACTive gamma ray (GR) and ACTive tension and compression make up a new downhole platform of additions to the ACTive family of coiled tubing (CT) services.

The new platform delivers downhole measurements specifically for internal and external pressure, temperature, casing-collar locator depth correlation, and optional gamma ray or tension and compression, all in real time. Premium pressure measurements and modularity enable increased confidence and overall job efficiency during CT interventions, the company points out.

The ACTive service allows operators to optimize stimulation design, reduce time on location, and improve operational success. Additionally, raw reservoir properties are measured, and downhole tool status can also be provided with the latest ACTive family additions, the company says.

On-depth perforating and effective placement of packers is achieved through real-time depth correlation against the formation with a pump-through GR module. Wellbore and reservoir depth correlation can also be achieved with these platform additions, as well as the pump-through, pressure compensated downhole tension and compression measurements. Depth accuracy for precision applications such as perforating and zonal isolation is given with the combination of the real-time collar location and GR measurements.

The ACTive family of services provides live downhole measurements that are conveyed on a fiber-optic enabled CT. The ACTive family offers solutions for various applications such as matrix acidizing, wellbore cleanout, perforating, zonal isolation, lift operations, and distributed temperature survey profiling.

Source: Schlumberger Ltd., 5599 San Felipe, 17th Floor, Houston, TX 77056.

New cutter thermally tough

Here's the new ReedHycalog Helios thermal tough cutters, a range of thermally abrasion resistant polycrystalline diamond compact cutters.

Units are suited for material with this firm's patented deep leach technology to help reduce cutter degradation and allow its drillbits to drill farther and faster than before.

The company says numerous bit runs have proved successful in shale plays such as the Bakken, Haynesville, and Barnett, as well as applications in the Middle East.

Source: National Oilwell Varco, 7909 Parkwood Circle Drive, Houston, TX 77036.

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