Nov. 15, 2010
New Well Cleanup Additive

The new DEEPCLEAN additive is a single-stage well-displacement chemical designed mainly for downhole use.

The additive is used for cleanup during the displacement of oil or synthetic-base drilling fluids before the start of completion operations.

The additive forms a double emulsion in brine under shear, where both water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions exist simultaneously. The structure enhances the mass transfer between oil-base mud film and spacer so that oil film is removed rapidly, solids are dispersed, and metal surfaces are water-wetted effectively.

The company says that in Nigeria one operator used DEEPCLEAN to reduce rig inventory and circulation time to clean fluid for a deepwater well. Once the viscosified spacer appeared on the surface, followed by a few cubes of water, the well was confirmed clean with consistently acceptable NTU values below 100. This was accomplished with a single, full circulation using the additive.

The additive, with its solvent-surfactant double emulsion approach, proved effective in cleaning synthetic-base mud from a deeper than 17,500 ft deepwater well in one circulation, compared with five circulations with the previous displacement chemistry, the firm notes.

DEEPCLEAN creates an interfacial film between the solvent and aqueous phases. It meets requirements for multistage displacement wash train with a single product. The additive can be mixed with fresh water, seawater, and high-density brines.

Source: M-I Swaco, 5950 North Course Drive, Houston, TX 77072.

New line of variable speed encryption appliances

A new line of variable speed encryption (VSE) appliances allows customers to purchase a hardware platform that can encrypt at various throughputs, based on bandwidth licenses.

VSE is designed to satisfy conditions of security, affordability, and ease of managing, as well as to not degrade network performance. VSEs will allow users to be creative in the deployment of network encryption and protect their existing security investments by incrementally increasing encryption throughput as their network needs grow.

VSE appliances come in three platforms with bandwidth licenses based on common WAN link speeds. The CEP10 VSE offers bandwidth licenses for 3, 6, 10, 25, 50, and 75 Mbps of encrypted throughput. The CEP100 VSE offers licenses for 100, 155, and 250 Mbps. The CEP1000 VSE includes throughputs of 500 Mbps, 650 Mbps, and 1Gbps.

Source: CipherOptics, 1401 Sunday Drive, Suite 109, Raleigh, NC 27607-4900.

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