Accelerating oil and gas efficiency and AI innovation: Private Networks + Edge are the Keys

June 27, 2024
Discover how petrochemical companies are embracing AI to revolutionize productivity and efficiency. Join Ericsson and Accenture for a webinar delving into the transformative power of advanced connectivity, AI, and digital twins when optimizing oil and gas operations, offering insights, real-world use cases, and a roadmap for ROI-driven private network deployment.

June 27, 2024
11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM GMT 
Duration: 1 hour
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While oil and gas has long put a premium on caution and tradition, most petrochemical companies are currently investing in AI or plan to in the next two years. So how can you enable AI and other advanced use cases to increase productivity and maximize efficiency?  
Join Ericsson and Accenture for a power-packed webinar as we explore the value of advanced connectivity and how it enables artificial intelligence, digital twins and other use cases to streamline processes and reduce costs while offering a safe and secure solution. In this session, you’ll gain a clear understanding, a roadmap and a deep dive into the use cases, deployment options, security and the return on investment (ROI) you can expect from deploying private networks across your oil and gas operations. 

What to expect from the experts:  

  • In-depth industry insights: Understand the current landscape of oil and gas, highlighting the specific challenges and opportunities in onshore and offshore environments. 
  • Real-world use cases and results: Discover the power of how AI, digital twins, drones and robots as well as other proven use cases are made possible in oil and gas with impressive results. 
  • Quantifiable ROI analysis: Learn how private networks can streamline operations, boost efficiency, and enhance worker safety, leading to a significant return on your investment. 
  • Lessons from the trenches: Gain valuable insights from Accenture's industry expertise and Ericsson's leading network technology to ensure a smooth and successful private network implementation.

Join us for this data-driven exploration of the future of oil and gas with private networks. Don't miss this opportunity to understand how private networks can transform your oil and gas operations. 


Ammar Sabbagh
Vice President of Industry and Partnership – Energy  

Ammar Sabbagh is an expert in IoT, 4/5G with a focus on the Oil & Gas and Ports industries. Sabbagh loves to explore the possibilities of new technologies. Thus, he has spent most of his career advancing innovation within large corporations- Ericsson, Time Warner Telecom and Marconi, where he launched new products, solutions and secured revenue. He has wide experience in enterprise solutions for digitalization and automation for Oil & Gas and Ports. 

Sabbagh lived and studied in Portland, Oregon, USA. He has an MBA from Marylhurst University and B.S. in electrical engineering from Portland State University

Jefferson Wang 
Chief Strategy Officer, Cloud First 

Jefferson is the lead author of the best-selling book, "The Future Home in the 5G Era." He is Accenture's Chief Strategy Officer of Cloud First, focused on the technology convergence of modern networks, edge, cloud, data, AI and security, to create new user experiences and reinvent the back office. For over two decades, he has been at the intersection of business and technology. Jefferson builds businesses on his belief that success comes from big picture thinking, mixed with detail-oriented execution. His ability to identify new technology patterns helps his clients navigate constant change. He works with global leaders to break down large complex problems into critical components, categorize based on significance and interdependencies, build a prioritized roadmap, estimate resources and budget, and then execute, iterate and improve.  

Jefferson is a regular speaker at Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and has appeared on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and Mobile World Live TV. His perspectives are featured in publications that include The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, New York Times and Washington Post. 

Kevin Kapich 
Global Critical Networks Lead 

Kevin is in Accenture’s Cloud First Network organization where he leads the Global Critical Network Offering. Kevin supports clients with field area network transformations across IT, OT, and business stakeholders in the oil and gas, mining, agriculture, product manufacturing, and life sciences sector. Kevin advises on next generation network capabilities (e.g., #private5G, cloud-wan, network resilience, devices, and secure network edge) required to unlocking operational value and growth. 

Prior to his time at Accenture, Kevin was in the United States Air Force with duty assignments in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Frankfurt, Germany, and Colorado Springs, CO at the United States Air Force Academy. Kevin has an MS in Interdisciplinary Telecommunications (Policy, Business, Engineering) and a BS in Business Information Systems. Kevin holds patents on unlocking value with machine learning for private 5g networks and video analytic solutions leveraging edge computing. 

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