Protecting the legacy and modern systems in plants

Nov. 30, 2023
Join our upcoming webinar to unravel the pressing challenges faced by OT security managers in the fast-evolving realm of IIoT and digitalization in the oil and gas industry.

This webinar was originally held on November 30th, 2023, and is now available for on demand viewing. 

Duration: 1 hour

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The use of IIoT and digitalization are rapidly progressing in gas production and refining plants in the oil and gas industry, where many projects are underway. As a result, security measures are urgently needed when adding new systems or changing existing systems. Security officers in OT environments are required to visualize and protect against new type of risks and threats in OT environments that include a mix of old and new systems. However, there are challenges to achieving this, such as a lack of human resources and skills, resolving internal conflicts, and unsuitability for the environment and practice.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the essential causes of the challenges faced by OT security managers?
  • Understand the new risks associated with increased connectivity in OT environments.
  • Understand how to improve security without compromising business availability
  • Learn how to visualize the status of old devices for which there is no way to check their security status and use them safely

This webinar is ideal for OT security managers and professionals responsible for both IT and OT who are faced with the challenge of smoothly implementing both business changes due to explosive digitalization and security measures. It is particularly useful for cyber risk assessments and security counterplanners, implementers, and operators.


William Malik
VP of Infrastructure Strategies
TrendMicro, Inc.

William Malik brings deep expertise in information security to his role as VP of Infrastructure Strategies at TrendMicro. He was also founder of Gartner’s Information Security Strategies service and has spoken internationally on information security, identity management, privacy, business continuity, and enterprise architecture. Bill served for years in technical leadership roles at IBM.

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