Harnessing Advanced Connectivity to Improve Oil and Gas Operations

Nov. 8, 2023
A November 8th 2023 Oil & Gas Journal hosted webinar sponsored by T-Mobile for Business.
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Date: November 8th, 2023

Time: 11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM GMT    

Duration: 1 Hour

Sponsor: T-Mobile for Business

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This webinar will discuss how advanced connectivity and a robust partner ecosystem can help energy companies enable effective operations while using high-bandwidth/low-latency tools such as computer vision, mobility, and drones.

Existing connectivity infrastructure in the oil and gas industry already improves operational efficiencies in areas like automation, predictive maintenance, robotics, and connected workers. However, as the push to complete evermore complex and remote tasks intensifies, so does the need for larger amounts of data and analysis speed, sensor density, computing capacity, and bandwidth.

As oil and gas companies strive to maintain a competitive edge, investments in digital transformation are getting bigger. To achieve efficiencies, transform operations, and diversify revenue with their existing digital foundations, companies increasingly seek novel connectivity-enabled technologies to ensure assets are not just connected but adaptable and future-proof.


Joshua Carrillo
Solutions Engineer
T-Mobile for Business

As a Solutions Engineer supporting the Houston Strategic Accounts team, Josh provides technical sales support and consulting to assure customer integration and implementation of established T-Mobile products and services. Josh joined T-Mobile in 2018 and has held roles as a Sales Engineer and Technical Product Manager supporting IoT and Wholesale teams. Prior to T-Mobile, he held Wireless Engineer roles as a full-time consulting and field engineer working directly for Chevron and Oil & Gas partners in Central California. He is experienced in deploying various sensor technologies in Oil & Gas using various wireless technologies.

Josh is a 10-year Marine Corps Veteran. Since leaving the military, he continually volunteers and supports local initiatives such as Toys 4 Tots and Veteran Support Groups helping military members transition to life after service. Josh holds a B.S. with a concentration in Networking and Wireless Technologies, as well as various Industry certifications for networking and security.

Natacha Baroni
Head of Energy Solutions Marketing
T-Mobile for Business

Natacha Baroni is the Head of Energy Product Marketing at T-Mobile for Business, with over a decade of experience enabling customers in the energy industry improve efficiency, digital transformation, and safety. Specializing in marketing and product management, Natacha uses her experience to bring industry and customer perspectives into the development of business initiatives and go to market strategies to best meet industry needs.

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