Multiple Positions at Noble Drilling USA, Inc. (Noble Corporation)

May 1, 2023
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Noble Drilling USA, Inc. (Noble Corporation) is looking for motivated and highly qualified people to join our team. We have needs to fill the following offshore vacancies (multiple openings per vacancy) for our rig operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico:

  • Subsea Engineer (Requisition Nr: R149525)
  • Subsea Supervisor (Requisition Nr: R149524)
  • Drilling Fluid Operator (Requisition Nr: R149520)
  • Assistant Driller Auxiliary (Requisition Nr: R149518)
  • Assistant Driller Main (Requisition Nr: R149515)
  • Auxiliary Driller (Requisition Nr: R149511)
  • Main Driller (Requisition Nr: R149506)
  • OIM (Requisition Nr: R149500)
  • Drilling Section Leader (Requisition Nr: R149503)
  • Assistant Subsea Engineer (Requisition Nr: R149526)
  • Night Toolpusher (Requisition Nr: R149497)
  • Camp Boss (Requisition Nr: R149523)
  • Crane Operator (Requisition Nr: R149501)
  • Deck Operator (Requisition Nr: R149495)
  • Deck Pusher (Requisition Nr: R149494)
  • Dynamic Positioning Operator (Requisition Nr: R149493)
  • Senior Dynamic Positioning Operator (Requisition Nr: R149492)
  • Assistant Marine Section Leader (Requisition Nr: R149490)
  • Rig Administrator (Requisition Nr: R149522)
  • Logistics Coordinator (Requisition Nr: R149521)
  • Safety Officer (Requisition Nr: R149519)
  • Electrical Supervisor (Requisition Nr: R149513)
  • Electrician (Requisition Nr: R149516)
  • Electronic Technician (Requisition Nr: R149514)
  • Hydraulic Mechanic (Requisition Nr: R149510)
  • Mechanic (Requisition Nr: R149512)
  • Engine Room Responsible (Requisition Nr: R149509)
  • Technical Section Leader (Requisition Nr: R149502)
  • Maintenance Engineer (Requisition Nr: R149504)
  • Motorman (Requisition Nr: R149579)

Applicants should apply online at with the requisition number for each vacancy. For further info, refer to Noble Drilling USA Inc. (Noble Corporation) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.