Nov. 1, 2010
Units produce N2 at wellsite

Nitro2Go nitrogen generation is available to producers in major US shale plays to help rapidly recover frac fluids, kick off well production, and unload existing wells.

This fleet of mobile units produces N2 gas at the wellsite. Units utilize membrane technology to separate air into rich, inert nitrogen gas and oxygen waste. The N2 is injected into the well by a high-pressure booster compressor, while the oxygen is released harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Units are able to discharge nitrogen gas at volumes up to 600 scfm at 5,000 psi. The process is contained to a single semitrailer that is easily movable from one location to another, the firm points out. A trained crew of two workers from this company continuously supervises operations on location, monitoring flow rates and providing twice daily reports on hourly flow back rates, pressure readings, and liquid recovery volumes. Operations occur 24 hr/day, 7 days/week where allowed.

When compared with swabbing, another common recovery method, the company says its Nitro2Go can deliver up to 10 times as much liquid per day and can operate around the clock to remove liquids continuously until the well is flowing on its own.

Source: Production Control Services Inc., 3771 Eureka Way, Frederick, CO 80516.

Measurement software centralizes gas, liquid system

DCP Midstream LLC, Denver, has selected Flow-Cal Inc., Houston, to provide an advanced measurement software application combining gas and liquids into a centralized system.

DCP Midstream is a natural gas gatherer and processor as well as natural gas liquids producer and marketer.

Flow-Cal's software will replace DCP's legacy measurement system as well as consolidate multiple internal applications to combine their gas and liquids operations to a single system. The system is designed to increase functionality and create operational efficiencies throughout the measurement process. Additionally, DCP's field operations have been updated, replacing internally developed tools with Flow-Cal's field calibration software, TESTit.

Flow-Cal's liquid measurement application automates the validation process for batch and ticketing in an enterprise-wide level liquid application. The advanced liquid system provides the ability to store hourly data, schedule batches, and assign liquid analysis in a time based relationship. Additionally, it enables the user to perform a liquid balance of their system.

Source: Flow-Cal Inc., Box 58965, Houston, TX 77258-8965.

New oil field crimper

The new Finn-Power King Crimper 1200 for oil field tubulars, pipe, and fittings has a maximum crimping force of 1,200 tons and a size range of 7.87-25.59 in.

The 1200's new controller has automated quality control reporting options and an easy to use menu guided operation. The feedback of the master die position allows part crimp dimensions to be changed within seconds.

It also allows large diameter offshore hose to be crimped, handling sizes greater than 14 in., the firm notes.

Source: Lillbacka USA Inc., 619 Estes Ave., Schaumburg, IL 60193.

Actuator offers adaptability

The new C27 actuator can be coupled to any one of several body assemblies or valve body models.

This feature helps improve machining and assembly efficiencies and helps reduce inventory at all supply levels.

The C27 actuator offers higher bench ranges that allow for an increase in pressure drop capacities and an increase in flow capacities. Because the stem and yoke are shorter in the new actuator design, the valve assembly is also more compact, which means the unit will require less space when installed in a gas, oil, steam, or corrosive liquid transfer system.

Source: Cashco Inc., Box 6, Ellsworth, KS 67439-0006.

Processor adds consulting services

Consulting services have been added to this firm's refining and petrochemical operations.

The company offers its experience in the field of on line near infrared (NIR) analysis, plus application development centered on gasoline and diesel blending as well as FCC, crude distillation unit, reformer and ethylene plant feed, and products characterization.

The firm offers a complete solution including audit of existing blending, logistics facilities, laboratory practices for commercial products certification, and an NIR master plan.

The firm says it can help optimize crude logistics and CDU scheduling, gasoline and middle distillates pools, in-line certification of commercial petroleum products, reengineering of products quality assurance, and laboratory work flows as well as advanced process control.

Source: Topnir Systems, 425 rue Rene Descartes, Espace Descartes, Bat C, Parc de la Duranne, 13857 Aix-en-Provence, France.

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