March 27, 2006
The 2020gasPRO has been added to this firm’s photoionization detection (PID) instruments.

Photoionization detector added to product lineup

The 2020gasPRO has been added to this firm’s photoionization detection (PID) instruments. It joins the 2020PROPlus and 2020ppbPRO to round out a complete offering of PIDs.

The 2020gasPRO utilizes prefilter tubes designed by Drager Safety AG & Co., Lubeck, Germany, to operate as a single gas detection instrument. The prefilter tubes are currently able to detect the presence of benzene and are suited for hydrocarbon processing operations.

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The prefilter tube holder can be used on all of this company’s instruments and allows for single gas detection with the 2020gasPRO and optional single gas detection with the 2020ppbPRO. Additionally, the holder can utilize carry activated charcoal tubes used to provide accurate clean air calibration as well as humidity reduction tubes, which allow the original 2020PROPlus to operate better even in extreme humid environments, the company points out.

Source: Photovac Inc., 300 Second Ave., Waltham, MA 02451.

Pipeline cybersecurity suite enhanced

The new Industrial Defender V2.0, the latest version Industrial Defender security appliance suite that monitors and protects the real-time control environment, features enhanced security agents, customizable reporting and analysis, and increased scalability intended specifically for gas and liquid pipelines.

V2.0 provides the necessary layers of cybersecurity monitoring, protection, and reporting in one integrated solution. This version is designed to protect the control environment against all forms of cyber attack including viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers, application exploits, rogue systems, resource starvation, and unauthorized use, while assuring high levels of availability.

This layered approach consists of security monitoring of multivendor control system critical metrics, as well as perimeter protection and network monitoring to detect and prevent internal and external threats. Easy management and immediate visibility of the entire control environment enable increased efficiency and accuracy for the user, the firm notes.

Source: Verano Inc., 575 West St., Suite 120, Mansfield, MA 02048-1164.