Pequiven launches Venezuelan plastics initiative

Venezuela's Pequiven will launch a pilot program to reactivate the plastics industry in Venezuela's northern state of Aragua in order to create new opportunities for plastic processors that would boost local and national economies.

Petroquimica de Venezuela SA (Pequiven), the petrochemical subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela SA, said Tuesday it will reactivate the plastics industry in the state of Aragua in northern Venezuela.

The joint effort involves the state government of Aragua, Venezuela's production and trade ministry, and polypropylene and polyethylene suppliers Polipropileno de Venezuela SA (Propilven), Polinter, and other plastic resin manufacturers.

The program will provide incentives including competitive prices for raw materials, guaranteed supply and quality, and extended payment plans.

The program outlined by Pequiven and its resin-making business partners calls for offering incentives to manufacturers of goods for the export market and to manufacturers that will lend support to government social programs.

Pequiven President Jose Rafael Paz said incentives in the case of vinyl chloride polymers would target the shoe industry and makers of pipes and other building materials to be used in government housing projects.

As part of a policy to lend support to plastic processors, Pequiven, Propilven, and Polinter said they plan to expand current technical support programs. This will include offering plastic manufacturers the services of Indesca, a firm created by Pequiven, Propilven, and Polinter to do petrochemical research for the founders.

Manufacturers of plastic products in Aragua were able to enter the program starting Sept. 25 by drawing up raw material contracts that include incentives for technical upgrades and quality improvements and for training new personnel.

The Aragua state government and Pequiven also agreed to study the creation of a storage facility for resins that will simplify logistics and use local help in sacking the product and in making final deliveries.

Aragua's governor, Gov. Didalco Bol�r, requested the program because the plastics industry is the second largest producer in the state.

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