Transportation news briefs, Aug. 4

Pembina Pipeline � Husky Oil � Pars Energy � ANR Pipeline � Ci Technologies � Hvide Marine � Gold Star Maritime � Tesoro Maritime

Pembina Pipeline Corp., Calgary, says two power failures and slope destabilization caused by heavy rains triggered a pipeline rupture that spilled crude oil into the Pine River in northeastern British Columbia (OGJ Online, Aug. 2, 2000). Workers are continuing efforts to control the spill. The town of Chetwynd, about 60 miles downstream of the pipeline break, is in the path of the spill. Estimates of the spill, which was triggered early Tuesday, now range up to 10,000 bbl of crude. The town has about a 6-week supply of water in its reservoirs, but there is concern the spill will cause environmental damage in ranching, hunting, and fishing. The pipeline moves crude oil from Taylor, BC, to a Husky Oil Ltd. refinery at Prince George, BC, about 180 miles south.

Colonial Pipeline Co. is purchasing the Alliance Products Pipeline and Terminal System from BP. The assets include a 20-in. products pipeline that extends 147 miles from BP's Alliance Refinery near New Orleans to Collins, Miss., and a 2.2 million bbl products tank farm at Collins. Colonial says the assets fit well strategically with its existing products mainlines, which pass through Collins, and provide direct delivery to the main lines of the Colonial and Plantation Pipeline systems. BP agreed last month to sell the Alliance Refinery to Tosco Corp. (OGJ Online, July 14, 2000).

Iran's Pars Energy has won a $34.87 million international tender for the design, construction, and operation of LPG storage facilities at the Caspian Sea port of Turkmenbashi and at the railroad stations of Serakhs and Sekhetabat. According to press reports, the Turkmenbashi facility will have a storage capacity of 6,000 tonnes of LPG; Serakhs, 1,000 tonnes; and Serkhetabat, 500 tonnes.

ANR Pipeline Co. has let contract to Ci Technologies Inc. to use its automation software product to upgrade compressor station monitoring systems on its 10,580-mile gas US transmission pipeline network. Under the agreement, ANR will use Citect in its compressor optimization program and for station and engine monitoring at more than 45 pumping and control station operations along the pipeline.

Hvide Marine Inc.'s new double-hulled tanker began a 3-year contract with Gold Star Maritime, a unit of Tesoro Maritime Co. The ship will provide service to three Tesoro refineries at Nikiski, Alas.; Anacortes, Wash.; and Kapolei, Ha. The company says the tanker's duties will include transporting Cook Inlet and North Slope crude.

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