General Interest news briefs, Jan. 11

Iraq � India � France � Pakistan Petroleum

Iraq has agreed in principle to sell crude to India at below international market prices after sanctions are lifted, said Indian Petroleum Minister Ram Naik. India is expected to buy an extra 1 million metric tonnes of crude oil this fiscal year from Iraq. India imported 1.5 million tonnes of Iraqi crude under the eighth round of the UN-approved �oil for food� humanitarian program.

French Transport Minister Jean-Claude Gayssot has opted to pump the styrene cargo out of the chemical tanker Ievoli Sun, which sank off the coast of Normandy Oct. 31 (OGJ Online, Nov. 2, 2000). He dismissed the three other options: abandonment of the wreck and its cargo, salvaging the wreck and its cargo, or covering them on the seabed. The minister expects the work to occur in mid-March, weather conditions permitting. The operations will take place under the control of the French government.

Terrorists again fired a rocket at the of the Sui gas installations in Pakistan's Eastern Province of Balochistan. No loss of life or property was reported. It crossed over the Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. gas installations and landed in the desert. The incident was the twelfth of its kind near the Sui gas installation within a month.

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