Nov. 12, 2007

New offshore capsule holds as many as six persons

The Frog-6-a higher-capacity version of the original, three-person Frog-3 (OGJ, Apr. 9, 2007, p. 67)-is designed to move as many as six persons at a time by crane.

This new Frog has been specifically developed to reduce the number of crane operations required and to decrease the time taken for crew transfers. It appears similar to the Frog-3, retaining its tetrahedral design, but with differences. The frame and seating arrangement has been expanded to accommodate six persons. The suspension system has been enhanced-comprising three peripheral springs, hydraulic dampers, and larger feet to cushion impacts and protect passengers.

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Balancing the space required for six people and keeping the footprint compact led to the introduction of bench-style seating. As a result, the Frog-6 footprint is only fractionally larger than that of the Frog-3, allowing for ease of storage and landing on vessel decks. The bench seating also speeds up the process of securing a stretcher into the Frog in the event of a MedEvac scenario.

In “marine ambulance” mode, the Frog-6 can carry a stretcher and as many as two accompanying passengers. The low-temperature version of the Frog-6 is capable of transferring people in temperatures as low as -40° C.

Source: Reflex Marine Ltd., 13 Albyn Terrace, Aberdeen, AB10 1YP, UK.

New gasket creates own load

The newly launched MULTI-SWELL gasket is a self-loading general service type, creating its own load when it comes into contact with hydrocarbons or water, virtually eliminating what the maker says is the most common cause of gasket failure -insufficient load.

This new material performs equally well in oil or water, does not degrade in contact with oils, and adapts easily to all types of flange designs, suiting it for pipelines as well as exploration and production uses. Particularly well-suited for maintenance, repair, and operation applications, the gasket seals flanges in less than perfect condition, minimizing maintenance, the firm notes.

Source: Garlock Sealing Technologies, 1666 Division St., Palmyra, NY 14522.