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March 10, 2008

New vacuum powered vessel lifter

This new high-capacity, custom battery powered vacuum lifter is designed for handling large vessels in a plant with cranes or outdoors using a forklift and boom.

The BA1-RV custom vacuum lifter features three articulated rubber suction pads that adapt to different diameters from 85 in. to 110 in. and can lift as much as 4,500 lb. It’s designed for use with a crane or forklift and boom. The unit eliminates the need to weld on lifting eyes.

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Incorporating a 2.2 cfm piston pump driven by a 1⁄3 hp motor, the lifter has a battery powered vacuum station with front mounted controls, an ergonomic handlebar, and a remote pendant control. Standard features include a vacuum check valve, vacuum pump control system, reservoir, gauges, an alarm, and indicator lights.

Source: Anver Corp., 36 Parmenter Rd., Hudson, MA 01749.