Oct. 25, 2010
Manometer line expanded

The M200 smart manometer line has added pressure ranges and a new offering of compound pressure ranges.


The M200 continues to offer NIST traceable accuracy to ±0.025% full scale including all affects of linearity, repeatability, hysteresis, and temperature over the operating range of –4º to +122º F. Recent improvements have added two differential pressure ranges (including a new 0-10.000 in. H2O range), four gauge pressure ranges (now up to 3,000 psig), and two absolute pressure ranges (now to 1,000 psia). The firm has also added eight compound pressure ranges to accurately measure ±15 psig through –15 to +3,000 psig. The update increases the number of M200 sensor types/ranges offered to 24 from 9. Standard features of the M200 include back light, alkaline battery power, and NIST traceable certificate of calibration complete with data, timed leak test, record mode, damping, minimum/maximum value capture, and field recalibration support. Options include intrinsic safety (ATEX, cULus), carrying case, and carrying case with pressure or vacuum pumps.

For wet/wet differential, the M200-DI line offers similar performance in five ranges covering 0-500 psid measurement at up to 1,000 psig common mode pressure. Optional flushing ports with plugs are available for venting trapped gas, cleaning with appropriate solvents, or flushing particulates out with water.

Source: Meriam Process Technologies, 10920 Madison AVe., Cleveland, OH 44102.

New offshore pump range
Newly launched is the first of what will become a range of combined seawater lift and fire pumps for offshore operations.

The new DWS deep well seawater lifting pumps and fire pumps will be available in capacities of 700-1,700 cu m/hr and with a differential pressure of as much as 180 mlc. The pumps are driven by a dry mounted electric motor in explosionproof execution, through a pipe stack with transmission shaft and cargo lubricated bearings. Impellers have been trimmed to provide 15% higher head per flow unit, while the semiradial design provides a more stable performance curve at higher capacities, the firm notes.

Source: Hamworthy Svanehoj, Fleets Corner, Poole, Dorset, BH17 0JT, UK.

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