Transportation news briefs, Sept. 13

Coastal � Federal Energy Regulatory Commission � Southwest Research Institute � ST Services � GATX Terminals ... CMS Panhandle Eastern ... Missouri Gas Energy

Coastal Corp., Houston, announced that its Gulfstream Natural Gas System LLC affiliate has received a draft environmental impact statement from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for its proposed new natural gas pipeline from Alabama across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. Gulfstream anticipates that the entire approval process will be completed by February 2001.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), San Antonio, Tex., said Friday it has expanded the scope of its permeation research facility to include the testing and study of gas pipelines. It believes this is the first permeation study on a tubular product designed to transport gas. For this study, the institute is evaluating the permeation of natural gas in an underground pipeline. SwRI said that the concern is that if a pocket of gas builds up outside the pipe, it could become explosive if an ignition source is present. Mike Luna, a program manager in the fire technology department, said that more of these similar types of tubular products will likely be tested for permeation. This could affect a wide range of industries, from water pipelines to various types of gas pipelines. The institute's 2,000 sq ft permeation test facility is used to evaluate fuel system components for hydrocarbon emissions.

Kaneb Pipe Line Partners LP said its affiliate ST Services Inc. has acquired the Paulsboro, NJ, terminal from GATX Terminals Corp. The Paulsboro terminal, with capacity to store 1.6 million bbl of petroleum products, is situated on the Delaware River across from Philadelphia. The terminal has a deepwater dock for receipt of product from ships and barges as well as the ability to receive products from the Colonial pipeline and a neighboring refinery.

CMS Energy Corp. said its interstate natural gas pipeline subsidiary, CMS Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co., and Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) have signed a 5-year firm transportation agreement and plan to build an 8-in. pipeline to serve Warrensburg, Mo. Additionally, CMS Panhandle Eastern has restructured several existing contracts with MGE by adding transportation and storage services. Beginning in October, CMS Panhandle Eastern will deliver up to 46 MMbtu/day of natural gas to MGE under the new contract.

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