Feb. 15, 2010

Rigless pump retrieval system expanded

Newly released Shuttle 550 series, deployable through 51⁄2 in. tubing, expands this firm's existing portfolio.

Shuttle technology permits the rigless retrieval and redeployment of conventional electric submersible pump systems via standard wireline technology. This capability permits the operator to fully service the pump, seal, and motor of the ESP system through the tubing

Source: ZEiTECS Inc., 5050 Westway Park Blvd., Suite 175, Houston, TX 77041.

New analyzer measures O2 in natural gas pipelines

The new OXY4400 optical oxygen analyzer for natural gas pipelines uses fluorescent quenching technology.

The analyzer is a compact, stand-alone, one-channel meter with LCD display and data logger. The unit uses a light source (LED), an optical sensor probe, and a photo detector. Pulsed light from the LED is sent down a fiber optic cable to the sensor probe (optode) where the energy from the light is absorbed by an indicator dye. The light (fluorescence emission) is sent back through the cable to the photo detector, where it is converted to an electrical signal that can be read.

The amount of "quenching" is determined by the amount of O2 in the stream. The result is an exact and almost instant measurement down to 0.5 ppm, the firm points out.

Fluorescent quenching offers new levels of accuracy, the company says. The process does not consume O2 and needs no scrubber, in fact, it reads the O2 without being affected by the hydrocarbons or sulfur content. Optical response time is measured in seconds, not minutes.

Since there are no moving parts or electrolytes, there is no need for constant calibration once it is installed. The optical sensor is also unaffected by EMI, shock, or vibration.

Source: SpectraSensors Inc., 4333 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Suite 100, Houston, TX 77043.

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