Harnessing Data Science for Reservoir Characterization & Field Development Decision-Making

Apr 3rd, 2019

The upstream oil and gas industry generates a lot of data, and data science promises to unlock tremendous value through its analysis. In our opinion, the data-driven oil and gas industry is here. Multi-disciplinary, high-resolution models are being used to make field development decisions. However, subsurface data are often sparse, difficult to interpret, and scattered across different storage media and locations. We urgently need new sources of data and more efficient, more accurate measurements to reduce uncertainties and make our models more effective.

In this paper we discuss faster, lower-cost approaches to core analysis, drill cuttings as an under-appreciated source of rock property data, and new approaches to generating and sharing data that can lead to transformative performance for the companies willing to adopt and embrace them.

This white paper is sponsored by Premier Oilfield Group.

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