Sam Falsafi

Co-founder of the Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group (OGR)

Sam Falsafi is an expert in the field of assessing the Impacts of RFID Technology in a multilayer supply chain, working mainly with large and medium sized companies developing RFID strategies, planning and implementing process improvements. Sam has several years of progressive end-to-end supply chain management, information technology management, business development and management consulting leadership for innovative solutions to improve business. He has led teams in the delivery of more than 50 international RFID projects. He is a frequent speaker on topics such as RFID and supply chain re-engineering. Sam is currently the lead RFID and supply chain customer advocate for Shipcom's Oil & Gas practice. He sits on the advisory committee of Microsoft Global RFID advisory council, CompTIA RFID Cornerstone Committee and EPC Global Canada strategic advisory committee and their strategy and R&D sub-committees.