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Our auditor training course is the only externally approved integrated management systems auditing class based on both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001. It is suitable for external accreditation of Auditors and Lead Auditors after suitable practical experience. Participants work as a member of a team of internal auditors to appraise the Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems (HSE-MS) of Petros Barola Ltd, a fictitious but highly realistic case study based on the distribution department of an integrated oil company located on the Caribbean island of Barola. The class is based firmly in the principles of corporate responsibility for risk management and business control, and the theory and practice of modern risk-based auditing. Our case study scenario has been used successfully by participants from many disciplines working in the upstream, midstream and downstream business sectors and key support functions because it enables them to focus on the structure and execution of the audit rather than being distracted by their specialist knowledge of their own sector of the industry. The intensive five-day course program consists of a blend of tutorials, workshops and hands-on activities within the audit case study. Participants work in small teams, each led by an experienced Lead Auditor. Every participant works within the team through each stage of an audit in real time with live face-to-face interviews and a variety of corporate documents and test results to simulate the execution of a real audit. The culmination is a presentation to the senior management of the company. A copy of the best-selling book 'HSEQ Audits - A Risk-based Approach' by Stephen Asbury (who often teaches the class) ISBN 978-0-415-50811-7 is included within your course fee. Participants who successfully complete the course work, and pass the moderated examination are issued with certificates by IOSH - the world's largest health and safety organization. This course is also ideally suited to be run in-house to develop company internal audit teams. For more information, please email, call +1 918 828 2500 or toll free +1 800 821 5933 (North America only), or contact Adrian Hearle, Managing Director, PetroSkills HSE, at

The course is designed to introduce new and experienced auditors to a dynamic risk-based approach for assessing the effectiveness of any HSE-MS, including those based upon ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001. It has also proven extremely beneficial for preparing technically competent line managers and supervisors prior to secondment to a team auditing an HSE-MS in any environment.

You will Learn:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Participate effectively in an audit or review team in line with the standards of the auditing profession
  • Relate audit to the essential principles of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Business Control and Management Systems
  • Add value for senior management from the auditing process
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to conduct an effective audit, including: familiarising with the auditee's business environment and objectives, developing a risk-based work plan, effective interviewing, reviewing and testing techniques, recording, analysing and assessing audit findings, evaluating the auditee's HSE MS, summarising, presenting and reporting at high level the audit results to management

Course Content:

  • Learning and Development: Risk management and business control
  • HSE-MS Auditing
  • Planning the audit
  • Review and test processes
  • Effective interviewing for information
  • Legal aspects relevant to auditing
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Audit conclusion
  • Participation in the comprehensive and detailed Petros Barola case study:Opening meeting
  • Audit interviews
  • Gathering objective evidence
  • Preparing the audit report
  • Audit team meetings
  • Closing meeting
  • Audit report and follow-up

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