Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation - OGR

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Key objectives of the course are to learn various compliant methods of preparing reserves estimates, learn to estimate and understand the impact of economics on those estimates, and properly classify those reserves using the current reserves definitions. Recent case studies, SEC audit questions, and class problems are used extensively to develop an understanding of those skills and include ethical issues that arise when calculating and reporting reserves. One personal computer is provided, at additional cost, for each two participants.

Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, reserves managers, bankers, and government officials involved in reserves reporting, reserves auditing, and reserves estimations.

You will Learn:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Correctly interpret and apply the SPE-PRMS reserves definitions and principles
  • Interpret and apply the SEC Modernization of Oil and Gas Reporting definitions and guidelines
  • Generate compliant reserves estimates and reports using either set of definitions
  • Understand and use various traditional engineering and geoscience techniques to satisfy reserves reporting requirements
  • Incorporate modern, "reliable technology" into your reserves estimates
  • Document your reserves estimations
  • Prepare for an SEC, third party, or bank audit of your work
  • Successfully defend your estimates during an audit
  • Conduct a thorough audit of another party's reserves report

Course Content:

  • Purpose and uses of reserves estimates
  • Types of reserves studies
  • How to read and understand a reserves report
  • SPE-PRMS reserves definitions
  • SEC reserves definitions
  • Compliant reserves estimation methods using: Analogies, volumetric analysis, performance analysis, and material balance
  • Supplemental compliant estimation techniques incorporating: Probabilistic analysis and simulation
  • Economics and reserves
  • Special reserves estimation topics - Reserves reporting in low permeability reservoirs, shale gas reservoirs, CBM, and EOR projects

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