Process/Facility Fundamentals - G-40

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This course is designed for those who desire a brief but intensive overview of gas process engineering fluid principles. Course emphasis is on the application of engineering principles to solve operating and design issues common in gas processing facilities. Process simulation will be used throughout the course. The course is based on portions of Volume 1 of Campbell's Gas Conditioning and Processing.

Oil and gas process and facility personnel in need of understanding gas processing fluid fundamentals and their applications to solve practical problems.

You will Learn:

  • Technical fundamentals, property correlations, phase behavior and applied thermodynamics
  • How to apply physical and thermodynamic property calculations with emphasis on limitations and applications to facility/equipment design
  • How to apply phase behavior principles and phase diagrams to design and operating problems
  • How to apply thermodynamic laws and principles to equipment design and operation

Course Content:

  • Hydrocarbon phase behavior
  • Vapor liquid equilibrium
  • Physical properties of hydrocarbons
  • Applied thermodynamics

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