Overview of Offshore Systems OS-21

Offshore - Overview of Offshore Systems Course Details
Offshore - Overview of Offshore Systems Course Details
Offshore - Overview of Offshore Systems Course DetailsOffshore - Overview of Offshore Systems Course Details

This five-day course will accelerate the learning and productivity of individuals with little to no experience working in the offshore oil and gas industry. The course provides an overview of field development concepts and explains how offshore structures and facilities function as integrated systems. The content includes the full range of water depths from shallow water to ultra deepwater. All major components required for offshore developments such as fixed and floating platforms, drilling and workover rigs, pipelines, risers, process and utilities and construction equipment are discussed. The importance of life-cycle considerations during development planning is emphasized. Individual and group "red thread" exercises are used throughout the course. The course instructors are experienced offshore managers.

Technical staff, business professionals, technicians, analysts and other non technical staff that are involved but have limited experience, or will be involved, with offshore oil and gas facilities. The course provides a basic understanding of offshore systems in all water depths, from shallow to ultra deepwater, including design, construction and operations.

You will Learn:

  • Identify the key steps in the development of offshore fields from discovery through decommissioning
  • Understand the elements on field architecture to define an optimum field development
  • Recognize key technical and non-technical stakeholder issues
  • Recognize the types and terminology of offshore production facilities and structures - fixed and floating.
  • Understand the impact of the ocean environment on facilities design and operations
  • Identify major design, construction, and operational issues and interfaces of offshore systems
  • Recognize important forces on offshore structures and their influence on design and cost
  • Understand strategic options for well drilling (construction) and servicing
  • Appreciate the basic processes and equipment involved in the topsides design and operation
  • Understand the options and equipment used for transportation of produced fluids and treatment chemicals
  • Develop an appreciation for the marine equipment used in the construction of offshore facilities.
  • Understand basic issues in life-cycle and decommissioning decisions
  • Appreciate the continuing advances being made in the technology of offshore

Course Content:

  • Field development concepts: ocean environment and its impact on offshore systems, fixed and floating structures - options and applications
  • Subsea Systems
  • Drilling wells, their construction and servicing operations
  • Topsides Facilities - Processing - Utilities
  • Oil and gas transportation system design and installation
  • Production operations
  • Offshore Construction - Equipment
  • Fabrication, Transportation, Integration, Installation
  • Project Management
  • Life-cycle considerations including decommissioning

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