Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Petrophysics - NMRP

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NMR data is multifaceted because the tools record information about reservoir qualities that are important to geologists, while also recording information about porosity, saturation, permeability as well as fluid properties that are important to engineers. The modern age of NMR technology is more than 20 years old and still many geoscientists and engineers are unaware of the full value of these data. This course aims to demystify NMR data and to show geoscientists how to maximize it.Participants work with a tool-independent, commercial, log-analysis package to learn how to work with and apply NMR data. However, the course is not about software and instead about how to use data provided by logging contractors and what happens to data during processing.

Geoscientists interested in learning about NMR technology and how to use it, and petrophysicists with little or no background in NMR technology.

You will Learn:

  • Understand the basics of how NMR works for petrophysical applications
  • Understand the language used in NMR technology (mnemonics)
  • Use NMR data for core and log applications
  • Plan core and log acquisition program
  • Identify data quality indicators and what they mean
  • Use core data for log calibration
  • Use contractor deliverable to produce an interpretation
  • Fit NMR data with conventional log data
  • Recognize the importance of processing raw NMR data

Course Content:

  • Basics of NMR technology
  • NMR Core Analysis
  • Rock typing from NMR core data and its relationship to logs
  • Pore geometry and what it means for the interpretation of NMR data
  • NMR logs
  • Job Planning
  • Log Quality Control
  • Working with NMR data (various exercises throughout the course)

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