Basic Petroleum Technology - BPT

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This course presents a non-technical, practical understanding of petroleum industry technology in an interesting, effective, and efficient manner. Participants are placed in the position of Reservoir Engineer, and "Our Reservoir" is defined, analyzed and put in production. Next, drill sites are chosen. Participants are then placed in the position of Drilling/Completion Engineer, and the drilling/completion program for "Our Well" is analyzed. Participation results in greater job confidence, enthusiasm and productivity.

Administrative, management, field support, accounting, purchasing, economics, legal, finance, human resources, drafting, land and data processing personnel, as well as investors and royalty owners. Participants involved at the technical level of the industry, particularly engineers, technicians or others with mathematics background through basic calculus, should register for the Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices course.

You will Learn:

  • Basic geology as related to oil and gas reservoirs
  • Reservoir fluid and rock properties
  • Basics of seismic technology
  • Reservoir definition and development; production and recovery
  • Unconventional resources
  • Fundamentals of drilling, well completions and production operations
  • Basic concepts of primary and enhanced recovery operations
  • Surface operations
  • Terminology of exploration and production (language of the oil field)

Course Content:

  • Reservoir fluid properties
  • Petroleum geology
  • The petroleum reservoir
  • Unconventional resources
  • Exploration technology
  • Drilling technology
  • Well completion and workover
  • Production operations
  • Recovery
  • Surface processing
  • Offshore operations

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