Cementing Practices - Cementing II - CEP

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Cementing is a very important phase of the well construction plan. Operating company personnel must have a good working knowledge of cements, cementing additives and placement procedures. The use of temperature modeling, computer programs used for job design, and placement of the cement has caused some operating companies to retain a cement service company representative on a full time basis to assist in the overall cementing operations. The operator is critical to the success of the job. This course covers the importance being placed on the cement sheath integrity during the life of the well, requiring additional mechanical properties of the set cement be obtained other than the compressive strength. The parameters that the cement sheath will be subjected to must be considered. There are a number of joint industry projects addressing this area of work. The course covers the use of cement formulations, cement additives, casing hardware, cement blending, on-site mixing equipment and a well-planned job procedure. Cementing guidelines will be covered that aid in overall job performance.

Operating company and service company personnel responsible for planning, overseeing, and executing cementing operations.

You will Learn:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Use cementing additives properly to improve and reduce job costs
  • Interpret laboratory test results
  • Perform primary cementing operations to include: casing cementing, liner cementing, multi-stage cementing
  • Conduct squeeze jobs and selection of squeeze tools
  • Perform cement plug operations to improve overall job success
  • Interpret cement sheath evaluation logs

Course Content:

  • The overall cementing operation
  • Primary cementing
  • Remedial cementing
  • Plug cementing
  • The use of cement additives
  • Laboratory testing
  • Casing hardware
  • Cement sheath integrity
  • Cement sheath evaluation
  • Mixing equipment
  • Special cement systems
  • Cement guidelines
  • Current documents

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