Upgrade Your System Step by Step

March 1, 2018
Tank gauging emulation lets you seamlessly replace old or malfunctioning field or control room equipment with modern and reliable devices based on radar technology. The existing cabling and communication protocol can still be used. Lower maintenance costs, improved safety and more efficient operations are some of the benefits. You decide the pace, and the money you save along the way is available for new investments.  

Tank Gauging Emulation:

The poor performance and high cost of maintaining old mechanical level gauges no

longer needs to be accepted. With proven emulation technology, users of tank gauging

systems have the option to upgrade legacy or non-performing gauges with modern replacements from

alternative suppliers without the concern of fieldbus protocol compatibility issues.

The challenges usually presented by partial or complete upgrades are avoided, enabling the

latest radar-based level technology to be installed with minimal disturbance to


As well as emulating a range of proprietary gauge fieldbuses, Emerson’s solution can

also communicate with open standard fieldbuses, such as FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus or


In addition to gauge emulation, Emerson also provides ‘master’ emulation which

enables exchange of old control room equipment.