Introduction to Project Management - IPM

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As the relative importance of effective Project Management continues to grow in corporate recognition, as strategies are increasingly set with a project based delivery vehicle in mind, the need for in depth understanding of this complex subject grows. As those in the industry with the knowledge and expertise have an ever shorter period of their working lives left, to be replaced by a new and younger generation, focus on the basics from which to build a robust and in depth knowledge and skill set is increasingly desirable. In order to ensure that competence is created within the next generation of project managers, this course serves as an in depth primer for those wishing to make this fascinating and dynamic area a career.

New employees/ graduates or anyone else wishing to obtain a firm understanding of the basics of Project Management. This course serves as a foundation upon which to build further specialist knowledge and create a transferable skill set applicable pan industry.

You will Learn:

  • Project planning and methodology
  • Project interfaces and communication
  • Resource identification and alignment
  • Scheduling resources and tasks
  • Creative compromise

Course Content:

  • The project methodology
  • Identifying project risks and opportunities
  • The project lifecycle
  • The project manager
  • The project business case
  • The project sponsor
  • The project scope
  • Understanding project interfaces
  • Managing a project budget
  • Project scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Lead time and project inventory management
  • Remote teams

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