April 11, 2005

Corrosion resistant blower heater

Here’s the HD3D corrosion resistant blower heater for heating and freeze prevention in harsh, corrosive, dirty, and wet environments.

This new model replaces the HDH version.

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The HD3D has been designed to allow the user to install the heater to provide either horizontal or vertical airflow. All standard units include low profile stainless steel brackets, which allows it to be directly mounted to a wall or ceiling. This feature eliminates added cost of a separate swivel-mounting bracket. Universal swivel brackets are also available for those applications that require the heater to be turned to various angles.

Heaters are not only UL Approved and CSA Certified for use in the US and Canada, but also CE Marked to meet European standards.

Other features include:

NEMA 4X control box located on the front of the heater that helps make access during installation or maintenance convenient.

Special wiring connector that provides a watertight seal in the event of replacement of the motor, limit control, or elements.

Source: Chromalox Inc., 103 Gamma Drive Extension, Pittsubrgh, PA 15238.