April 4, 2005
New cartridge seal for centrifugal pump

New cartridge seal for centrifugal pump

Here’s the 1700 Series double cartridge seals for use with this firm’s Stan-Cor Series centrifugal pumps.

Seals are hydraulically balanced and feature a cassette-within-a-cartridge design that helps reduce costs with a removable inner cassette that allows the gland to be reused with each new seal. Seals are fitted for applications handling corrosive and abrasive materials.

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The firm says its series eliminates the time, effort, and cost of rebuilding conventional cartridge seals. With its disposable inner cassette, users can easily replace seals in the field. This eliminates redundant seal and gland inventory requirements, shipping and handling costs, service charges for expedited repair, and pump downtime for increased productivity, the maker notes.

The 1700 series is as simple as popping in a new cassette, with a single pin lining up the seal with the reusable gland. A friction drive lock ring with one cap screw assures alignment and eliminates slippage for easy installation. These seals’ self-centering locators are internal to the cartridge seal and are not removed. This also allows the shaft to be conveniently rotated during assembly without effort.

Source: Wanner Engineering Inc., 1204 Chestnut Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Surge protector meets IEC 61312

The new MA3100 Series surge protectors promise to meet the standard described by IEC 61312, where the surge protector could carry a partial share of the lightning surge current.

The series offers a full product range for coordinated surge protection to IEC 61312 and is rated according to IEC 61643. There are three classes of protection: 1) Class I lightning current arrester, 2) Class II surge current arrester, and 3) Class III surge protector:

• Class I-60 kA DIN rail mounting, single pole width 18 mm.

• Class II-45 kA DIN rail mounting, single pole width, and multipole (single and three phase).

• Class III-RFI/EMI filtering in addition to excellent levels of surge protection, DIN rail mounting.

Source: MTL Surge Technologies, 4300 Fortune Pl., Suite A, W. Melbourne, FL 32904.