March 21, 2005
Impact wrench prevents overtension during assembly

Impact wrench prevents overtension during assembly

Here's the MP-6100TA torque controlled impact wrench with the 3Auto-Stop2 feature to tighten bolts to a preadjusted tension.

Designed as a replacement for the CP-0610TELUD, the 1 in. square drive MP-6100TA provides easy torque adjustment and uniform torque output in a range of 300-1,400 ft-lb.

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Properly used with a Skidmore torque meter to maintain consistent torque, the key feature of the MP-6100TA impact is the Time Lag Valve, an internal mechanism that allows the operator to tighten bolts to a preset torque.

When the desired torque is achieved, the tool stops automatically, preventing overtension. Other features include a through hole anvil and an optional No. 5 spline drive.

A free 144 page catalog of air tools and accessories is available upon request.

Source: Michigan Pneumatic Tool Inc., 10650 Cloverdale, Detroit, MI 48204.

New volumetric data management software

The new Quorum Volume Management software is a volumetric data management application that combines traditional field data capture and oil and gas measurement capabilities with the data integrity of a centralized data repository.

Designed to address all phases of the oil and gas volumetric data management process, the software manages and validates all volume data, including oil, gas, water, and other petroleum products. In addition, the software features data editing and recalculation and volumetric allocation.

Source: Quorum Business Solutions Inc., 2929 Briarpark Drive, Suite 215, Houston, TX 77042.