Area Drilling

Sept. 6, 1999
Georgia Republic

A joint venture of CanArgo Energy Corp., Calgary, and Ninotsminda Oil Co., 65% owned by CanArgo, produced 205,700 bbl of oil from Ninotsminda field in the 6 months ended June 30, 1999.

Georgia Republic

A joint venture of CanArgo Energy Corp., Calgary, and Ninotsminda Oil Co., 65% owned by CanArgo, produced 205,700 bbl of oil from Ninotsminda field in the 6 months ended June 30, 1999.


Tethys Energy Inc., Calgary, is developing a discovery in the Girouxville area of northwestern Alberta and has established reserves of 1.5 million bbl of 38? gravity oil from the first four wells.

Tethys, with 80% interest, drilled the discovery well in June 1998 in 12-28-76-22w5m. The field has produced more than 200,000 bbl of oil from Devonian Beaverhill Lake at about 8,000 ft. It is capable of 2,000 b/d and is producing its 880 b/d allowable.

Pressure data indicate that the field is substantially larger. The company is drilling a fifth well and plans to drill two more wells in the fourth quarter.

The company has converted one of the producing wells to water injection. Sales began Aug. 20 from a gas plant built nearby. Tethys holds an average 85% working interest in 29,000 acres in the play.


Osborn Energy LLC, Overland Park, Kan., staked a series of stratigraphic tests in historic Paola-Rantoul oil field in the Forest City basin.

The sites, 1,000 ft tests 3 miles north of Louisburg in 12-16s-24e, Miami County, are designed to evaluate horizontal drilling potential in Mississippian sediments, IHS Energy Group reported. IHS figures show the field produced 448 b/d from 260 active wells in February 1999.

International Oil Scouts Association figures show that Paola-Rantoul, mostly in Miami and Franklin counties, produced 23 million bbl of oil from Pennsylvanian zones at 800 ft or shallower.


Meridian Resource Corp., Houston, permanently plugged its 2 Thibodaux which blew out in late June-early July near Amelia in Assumption Parish.

The 3 Thibodaux, designed as a relief well, is to become a substitute producer. It is being drilled toward 18,600 ft. The company returned the adjacent 1 Thibodaux discovery well to production Aug. 24 (OGJ, Aug. 9, 1999, p. 82).

IP Petroleum Co., Houston, completed two wells on West Cameron Block 49.

The 1 State Lease 16018 flowed gas from two zones below 9,000 ft. The lower zone flowed 13.4 MMcfd after a frac pack completion and is expected to produce initially at 15 MMcfd. The upper zone flowed as much as 4 MMcfd and will be produced later. Interests are IP 50%, Cheniere Energy Inc. 35%, and Beta Oil & Gas Co. 15%.

The 1 S.L. 16017 cut pay in the two intervals tested above and four additional pay zones. Completion is planned in the deepest of the six, which tested at 13 MMcfd after frac pack completion. The upper zones will be completed successively after depletion of the lower zone. Interests are IP 40%, Cheniere 45%, and Beta 15%.


Startech Energy Corp., Calgary, staked a wildcat on the Disturbed Belt in Teton County.

The 7 Startech-Teton, in 29-27n-8w, 27 miles northwest of Chouteau, is to go to 4,215 ft or Cretaceous Dakota. It is 2.5 miles north of idle Blackleaf Canyon field. The field made about 7 bcf of gas and 34,000 bbl of condensate from Mississippian Sun River below 4,300 ft, IHS reported.

North Dakota

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co. completed the Williston basin's first horizontal well from Devonian Duperow, IHS reported.

The 44-16H Thompson, in 16-163n-99w, Divide County, pumped 91 b/d of 39.6? gravity oil with 134 Mcfd of gas and 3 b/d of water from open hole 8,696-13,290 ft MD. TVD is about 8,400 ft. The site is about 1 mile west of Ambrose oil field.

Burlington finaled another horizontal Duperow discovery 4 miles west-southwest at the 44-23H Wolter, in 23-163n-100w, Divide County. It was swabbed for 46 b/d of 39? gravity oil and 36 b/d of water in 111/2 hr from open hole at 8,714-14,096 MD.


Cedar Valley Energy Inc., Wooster, Ohio, plans to reenter a Silurian Medina/Whirlpool gas well in Conneaut field and drill six 500 ft laterals in Medina.

Kickoff point is 3,908 ft at the 1 Foltz, in Crawford County, IHS reported.


Gulf Coast
Paladin Petroleum, San Marcos, Tex., staked a wildcat in Kleberg County.

The 1 Quackenbush, 3 mmiles west-northwest of Riviera Beach, is projected to 17,000 ft. The spot is 6 miles northwest of Sarita East gas-condensate field, IHS reported.

J. Bassett Smith, Lubbock, staked a rank wildcat in Williamson County.

The 2A Kerlin, 3 miles southeast of San Dovall, is projected to 1,999 ft, IHS reported. It is 3 miles north of Thrall oil field, opened in 1915.


Conwest Exploration (Delaware) Inc., Calgary, is exploring in the Big Horn basin.

The company was nearly to TD in early August at the 1 Conwest-Rairden, in 31-49n-91w, Big Horn County, a 9,300 ft wildcat to Pennsylvanian Tensleep 9 miles southeast of Manderson, IHS reported.

Conwest staked the 1 Conwest Hunt Rawhide, in 28-48n-101w, Park County, as a 6,265 ft test to Tensleep and Permian Phosphoria about 7 miles southwest of Meeteetse.