Strike a deal

Dec. 6, 1999
Conerning the Editorial, "Strike a deal, any deal" (OGJ, Nov. 8, 1999 p. 19), there's much, much more that can be said.

Conerning the Editorial, "Strike a deal, any deal" (OGJ, Nov. 8, 1999 p. 19), there's much, much more that can be said. Why the media's and Clinton's big ruckus about Congress killing the test ban treaty? (The military was against the treaty; Clinton's hopes for a positive legacy took a hammering.) With Kansas in the middle of the now international argument of evolution vs. creation, why the media's ruckus there, too? I recall another media ruckus trying to shove the myths of the environment down the people's throats. We now have treaties, evolution-creation, and environmental matters in identical patterns. Something smells. The order comes from the United Nation's boosters.

Lenin-Stalin chose force to change societies. Their choice is something more powerful than the idea originating in British minds. The idea of the UN is now 120 years old and has its fourth name. It was Cecil Rhodes's dream and his money put it into reality. At one time, his disciples, through the organization [Lord] Milner built, controlled many of Oxford's colleges, the Rhodes scholarships, the big newspapers, and influenced many others.

The League of Nations was their idea. They practically controlled England for 50 years. Their hierarchy lost power for appeasing Hitler under the mistaken belief they could control him but their legions march on through their education. Their ideas and good intentions cost England her colonies.

They reorganized the League of Nations into the UN and it became a done deal under the shadow of WWII with America's backing.

The UN was an ideal organization for the world's communist sympathizers for their one-world government. Today it is the base and a haven for the world's greatest socialists.

The atom bomb nullified wars, requiring other means for radical change. So they moved education of their beliefs from the higher citadels of learning to the lowest also. Their propaganda and disinformation riddles children's text books and instruction as we educate one-world citizens -sans American patriotism.

Their power in America? George Bush Sr. was a believer in one-worlders. Bill Clinton is their protege; Hillary is an educated socialist.

A reading of the effort for the Kansas Board of Education to rewrite the scientific guidelines to open science to critical review by the local schools reveals the dogmatic, radical adherents to the UN's beliefs. It is no wonder all they are against comes to identical battles. It's worse that the public isn't informed what's behind their created ruckus.

Their fig leaves for humanity's betterment hide their socialistic goal of controlling the world. One shouldn't forget that history proves the streets of hell are paved with good intentions as socialism progresses into tyranny.

Toby Elster
Consultant Geologist
Gas & Oil Exploration & Development