Area Drilling

Dec. 6, 1999
Harken Energy Corp., Houston, is acquiring 100 sq km of 3D seismic data on Block 12 in the Caribbean.

Costa Rica

Harken Energy Corp., Houston, is acquiring 100 sq km of 3D seismic data on Block 12 in the Caribbean.

It plans to interpret the data in first half 2000 and spud an offshore well in second half 2000 (see map, OGJ, July 13, 1998, p. 84).


American International Petroleum Corp., New York, plans to re-examine Jurassic oil potential on License 953 in the North Ustyurt basin.

The company will focus on the 11,500 acre Begesh structure on the southwestern part of the block in light of recent success by Chaparral Resources Inc., Houston, and improved oil prices. Chaparral drilled a potentially commercial Jurassic oil well in Karakuduk field 70 miles southwest.

British Columbia

The government will defer royalties for three years from an experimental gas lift project at Beaver River gas field in the northeastern part of the province.

Beaver River, discovered in 1961, contains nearly 1.5 tcf, making it the second largest reserve in the province and one of the largest in Canada. Early production totaled about 175 bcf of gas from Devonian Nahanni before water blocked gas from moving to producing wells.

Wascana Energy Partnership, Beaver River Resources, United Gunn Resources, and Mayan Ltd. hope to use experimental gas lift technology to recover an additional 200 bcf. That would bring in royalties 13 times the net present value of the royalty relief.


Team Energy LLC, Bridgeport, Ill., applied to re-enter a well in Sullivan County and deepen it to test Cambro-Ordovician Knox.

The 1 Ridge, in 19-7n-8w, originally drilled a false seismic structure caused by a local velocity increase above the Devonian, the company said. It is to be deepened to 5,300 ft, about 1,000 ft into Knox. Old TD is 2,630 ft in Lower Devonian limestones.

An electromagnetic imaging survey conducted by StrataSearch Corp., Golden, Colo., and reprocessing and interpretation of the seismic data suggest the presence of a deeper hydrocarbon trap, Team said.

New York

More operators are joining an Ordovician Trenton gas play in western New York.

Pennsylvania General, Warren, Pa., staked a 10,300 ft Trenton wildcat in Steuben County. The 1300 Howe, 5 miles north of Corning, would be among the deepest drilling in the state the past several years.

Columbia Natural Resources Inc., Charleston, W.Va., is the primary driver of the play (see map, OGJ, Nov. 8, 1999, p. 81).


Reliance Oil & Gas Inc., Seguin, staked a remote wildcat in the Marfa basin.

The 1 Thomas, in Presidio County 8 miles northwest of Marfa, is projected to 9,000 ft.