Web-based well data reporting solution increases efficiency, reduces costs

March 19, 2007
WellEz is enhancing its reputation as a leading application service provider by embracing Web 2.

WellEz is enhancing its reputation as a leading application service provider by embracing Web 2.0 competencies with its internet-based service that captures well and rig operation reporting data. The WellEz proprietary Data Centric reporting model is a totally managed operations reporting and well management solution that has been designed and developed by the company to take advantage of 21st century technology, including Internet communications, network and platform protocols.

Established in 2000, WellEz, an Integrated Oil & Gas Service Company differentiates itself by offering Operations Reporting as a Service. An ASP (Application Service Provider) Business Solution is provided with a powerful web-based reporting application that is accessed via a web browser. The software, managed and updated by WellEz, simplifies and streamlines the reporting process by providing a total web-based solution to operations reporting, data entry, communications and well data management.

The company, its proprietary software and its service are continually evolving, maintaining its leading edge solutions. For example, WellEz made a significant investment to advance its reporting technology with the latest server-based software iteration, WellEz.NET, which was totally re-written for use on the latest Microsoft.NET technology platform. This is only one example of the company continually developing new solutions to meet its customer’s present and future requirements and expectations.

Data entry into simple and customizable forms

WellEz.NET is data centric and is fully customizable and scalable to fit the client’s reporting requirements. Reports, charts, graphs, plots and tables can be generated from well data in a familiar Microsoft Excel software environment using the WellEz-developed M2E™ (Map to Excel). Additionally, the system can be accessed anywhere in the world where a web-enabled computer is available, including mobile devices.

WellEz.NET offers ease of entry with no costly software application training necessary as a result of the simple input screens. The system can be self-taught in minutes due to its easily comprehended input forms that eliminate the problems of complicated software navigation. The data entry screens can be customized to capture only the data the client requests or requires.

Data can be entered into the forms by the remote user while offline at the rig site. When the report is complete, it is submitted to the server where it is stored in an SQL database for retrieval. This feature is beneficial when working offshore or in remote locations where internet access is not always reliable. Of course, the data can also be entered while the remote user is online. When the data is received at the server, it can be pulled from the server at remote office locations from any computer that has web access.

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If the client wishes, WellEz can incorporate a client’s current drilling report format into the web-based system. Additionally, the client has access to more than 20 generic reports that are customizable to suit the client’s requirements. Input and output reports can be updated by the company administrator and made immediately available to other users without intervention.

Data Centric fully integrated reporting

The heart of the system is a central server and SQL database that manages the well data at a central point. The WellEz.NET reporting application is a web-based application that resides on a secure server and is managed and updated directly by WellEz, relieving the client/subscriber from the responsibility of software management, including purchasing and installing the latest software iteration.

The WellEz.NET network eliminates interconnectivity problems that can be experienced with PC-based software applications. Since there is no software residing on a discrete computer and no dedicated high specification computer required to access WellEz.NET, the system can be accessed anywhere in the world with a web-enabled computer.

The customizable capability also allows a summary report to be generated into text that can be sent to a person’s hand-held mobile device including Blackberry and Windows 5 pocket PC using the .NET framework if they do not have access to a web- enabled computer.

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